Making today my day…
Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Kelly and I am a 35 year old Belfast-based mum of 3 energetic boys and wife to one amazing man.

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions because I know that I usually fail by the end of January, but at the beginning of 2015 I made a promise to myself that I would endeavour to find more joy in each day. That, combined with something that a lovely lady said to me made me begin to look for the moments in each day, no matter how small, which make me smile and my heart sing.

It was while doing the last ‘big shop’ before Christmas 2014 that I was encouraged. The aisles were jam-packed with frantic shoppers and the checkouts all had queues at them. After scanning my groceries the checkout lady handed me my change and receipt, smiled at me and said: “Make 2015 your year”. Now, it could just have been a kindly phrase she had coined to say to every customer, and if so that is very sweet, but her smile and words spoke to me directly and impacted me in such a way that they have been replayed over and over again in my mind these past few months. She was extremely busy in her work, yet still took a moment to say something meaningful.

I don’t remember what the lady looks like so I’ll never get to tell her what her words meant to me, or how they inspired me to start 2015 with a new attitude, but I hope that in mentioning her here briefly that I pay a small tribute to her, and who knows, maybe someday she will read this blog!

So, as I mentioned, during the past 6 months since 2015 began I’ve been trying to relax, enjoy life more and make this a year to remember. Recently, when scrolling through my pictures of the year so far I noticed that there have been so many wonderful moments, and hopefully many more to come, and so that’s kind of how this little piece of blogsville was born. I have decided to use Every Treasure to document the joyful moments I experience and it is my hope that you will enjoy reading about them. You will probably read all about my days out and about here in Northern Ireland, books I’ve read, recipes I’ve tried, charity shop finds and anything else I find lovely enough to share!

The name for the blog was inspired by the well-known saying: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. I’ve been through some tough times over the past few years, at times being so depressed I couldn’t see a way forward in life. My life is not perfect, whatever that means, but I am searching for the little fragments of silver lining among the chaos of everyday life and attempting to savour them for what they are. I guess life is a bit like that hectic supermarket. It was crazy busy but still there was that little precious moment in the middle of it all.

I know that life has its ups and downs. I consider myself to be privileged in so many ways. I have a loving family, a home, a job and everything I need for living. But we all experience the storms, and maybe it’s enduring those challenging times that make the sunny days feel that little bit warmer…the good times that little bit sweeter.

I aim to share the happier moments of my life on this blog. My life is of course as messy as the next person’s, but I will try to share the good times as a reminder to myself that even amid the madness, there is treasure to be found. It is my hope that I will inspire you to search for the silver lining in each and every day…it is there, we just need to recognise it and savour it when we do.

Every Treasure also represents a personal challenge for me to keep seeking out the moments that bring me joy. And what better time to begin than with 9 weeks of school holidays and summer adventure stretching out before us!

I hope you enjoy reading about my life and loves. Please feel free to comment (nicely) on my posts and remember to look for the treasure in your own every day.